photo by Marisa Riley

photo by Marisa Riley

 Known for their memorable melodies and haunting, honest lyrics, Homestead Collective is Caitlyn Deviney & Ben Morris - an indie-folk duo based just outside Philadelphia. Having met in high school and grew up playing instruments, the two started collaborating musically through a music project formed in 2015, Sunday Muse. The five-piece band played together for three years, including the release of two singles, before parting ways. Homestead Collective formed after the disband of Sunday Muse, and Caitlyn & Ben have crafted a unique sound influenced by artists such as Nickel Creek, Josh Garrels, Drew Holcomb, and Gregory Alan Isakov.

Since the launch of their duo, Homestead Collective has released a six-track, self-titled EP. Their latest single release, “One Two Three”, produced by Justin Kollars, sways back and forth in rhythm and struggles to reconcile “what is meant to be” versus “what actually is”.

Having had the privilege of sharing stages with artists as established as Jess Ray, Timbre, Jared & the Mill, and The Hunts, Homestead Collective plays shows in venues and houses all over the Northeast, Midwest, and Southeast regions of the U.S.

While one element of Homestead Collective is Caitlyn & Ben as a musical duo, the second identifies Homestead as a community organization celebrating music and art through continual gatherings. By hosting monthly events, whether they are potlucks and creative sharing time, or backyard concerts under the stars, Caitlyn & Ben hope that their multi-layered Homestead Collective project can build an inclusive community of artists that celebrates all different mediums and becomes an experience of something greater than themselves.

Running forward with this vision, Homestead Collective anticipates the release of their first full-length album by the end of 2019, hopes to tour in broader regions of the country, and plans to continue building authentic community around the greater Philadelphia region through event-hosting, creative collaborations, and sharing the stories that resonate through their songs.


THE STORY: I've had more questions than answers in my life so far. In all its beauty, pain, uncertainty, and complexity, I keep coming back to simple acts of love - gathering around a table to eat together, holding hands - things that are tangibly seen that we as humans can experience and do with and for each other.

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